Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

Are you wanting to get in to shape, or wanting to lose some weight? Well, then you have got to find an exercise routine that is right for you. Usually exercise routines for men include just about every muscle in the body, so I will take you through all the major parts of the body that you will exercise. These major muscle groups will be the legs, back, and chest.

Leg Workout

First  we will take about the legs since your legs are no doubt the strongest group of muscles in your body. There are many exercise routines for men wanting to work with their legs. The first workout is the most effective one, as it works just about every muscle in the lower half of your body. This workout is the squat. The squat, if done properly, will be a highly effective workout for your legs. The best place to squat is at the gym since they will have the equipment you need to do this exercise safely but if you are just starting out you will not need much weight at all. If you are unsure about doing this workout, seek reference from a expert source such as a personal trainer.

Back Workout

Next in our exercise routines for men is the back muscle group. There are several workouts for this group but one that you can easily do while watching your kids on the playground is the simple chin-up with your hands spread far apart. When doing this correctly you will be using your back muscles to do the chin-up instead of your biceps. This works best when you spread your grip out as it will require your back to do the lifting instead of your biceps. If you do these often, your back will be getting sore, which is a good sign that it is working for you.

Chest Workout

The next muscle group we are going to talk about in our exercise routines for men, is the chest. The most popular chest workout is definitely the bench press. You can work the same muscle groups by doing pushups and varying the width of your arm positions. Varying your grip will work different parts of the chest. Make sure you control your movement and come down all the way to your chest. Make sure you start with a comfortable weight. 

Abdominal Workout

Last but not least to truly strengthen your core you will need to work the abdominal muscles and do adequate stretching. The Plank would have to be the best for overall strengthening of the core. Rest both forearms on the floor with your body in a modified push-up position. Your elbows should fall in line directly with your shoulders. Position your head so that you are looking straight at the floor. Your will want your body to be in a perfectly straight line. Hold this for as long as possible.